Monday, March 24, 2014

Spotlight: Workout with Lynae Fearing

I seriously have the best family all around.  This aunt is amazing, I was lucky enough to live with her an entire summer and nanny her two darling boys (my cousins).  I learned many health tips from her that summer and gave me a HUGE love for yoga.  I love her fashion, workouts, eating styles, and of course her! I begged her to share some secrets with us.

1. What is your workout schedule?

My workout schedule goes something like this: Monday, Treadmill and weights. Tuesday, Flywheel which is a high intensity spin class. Wednesday, Bar Method which is an an aerobic exercise that uses body weight and high reps to tone each major muscle group. Thursday, Yoga and if I feel like another workout it would be another Flywheel class.

2. What are your favorite workouts?

 My favorite workouts are yoga and bar method, I have never been a person who loves aerobic exercises but I know they are necessary for me to keep weight off.

3.What benefits do you see from working out?

I see weight loss and muscle tone. After a certain age women loose muscle mass so it is essential to lift weights.

4. What workout gives you the best results?

I would say that the combination of my workouts gives me the best results. They all do different but specific things. I need the aerobic for keeping weight off, I need weight lifting and Bar Method to tone my muscles and I need yoga to keep me flexible and my muscles long and stretched.

5. How does it fit into your busy schedule and family life?

 I fit my workouts in after I take my kids to school. All of my classes are at 8:30. This gives me time to get home and showered and start the rest of my day.

6. What helps you stay motivated?

 I stay motivated by the way I feel and look when working out. I just don't feel healthy when I don't stay in shape.

7. what gets you out moving when you really just don't want to?

Sheer will power. On the other hand sometimes I take a day off, I just make sure it doesn't become a habit.

8. what healthy eating habits do you follow?

I almost never eat fast food or packaged food. I am lucky to have a restaurant (Shin Sei GO EAT HERE) that has very healthy and delicious choices.

If you have not tried Yoga or Bar Method...make it a goal to go and try.  They are amazing!  Also, if you have not eaten at Shin Sei in Dallas, seriously next time you is a MUST! Thanks for the awesome tips Lynae!!!