Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Post pregnancy easy snacks

I think back to when I was breast-feeding a new born baby.  All I remember is being hungry ALL the time and never having time to eat.  I needed easy healthy snacks that were easy to grab and go!  

This list of EASY healthy and yummy snacks is going to save your life.  Whether you have a newborn, tons of work, crazy family life, or just don't enjoy prepping foods.  Many friends and family have shared these great recipes with me and I have LOVED them. 

-Chia seed pudding. Great recipes located here!

-Quinoa with an over easy egg, avocado, and salsa.

-Overnight oatmeal. Great recipes located here!

-Celery dipped in salsa.

-Nuts and dried fruit mix.

-Smoothies.  Mix any milk, nuts, fruit, flax seed, wheat germ, chia seeds. Takes maybe five minutes to blend!

-Wheat english muffin with peanut butter, honey, and strawberries.

-Cheese and grape plate. Chop up some cheese and wash some grapes.  Easy as pie! 

-Hummus and pita bread. Have hummus and pita bread on hand for a dipping snack.  Try dipping veggies in as well!

-Baked chickpeas.  Rub chickpeas in olive oil and whatever spices you want.  Bake at 400 degrees for forty minutes! 

-Cous Cous with nuts and raisins mixed in.  Make cous cous according to package, after turning off heat add in fruits and nuts. 

-Whole wheat tortilla pizza: dump marinara sauce and cheese on tortilla.  Top with veggies around house.  Stick in microwave or oven!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tic Tac Toe your Goals

Sometimes it can be hard to sit down and write down SMART goals even when we know how goals can help us achieve what we want.  Here is a easy tic tac toe format to help all of us have fun setting and achieving goals.

Here is how it works.  Get  a diagram and fill in each slot with 9 small goals that will help you reach your big goal.  As you achieve one "X" or "O" it off.  When you get three in a row, you get to reward yourself.  Whether that is a pedicure, or a sleep in day is up to you.  Continue till the entire sheet is marked off.

Try putting more than just exercise goals.  You can put a work, emotional, eating, exercising, family, etc. Try it!  I know it will be fun and spice up your month :).

Drink your water (8 C) 5 entire days!
Try a new workout this week.
Do something nice for a family member.
Exercise six days this week!
Sunday Stretches.
Do 10 intervals at goal pace.
1 day of ONLY positive thinking (start over if a negative lasts longer than 20 sec).
Cook 1 new healthy meal.
Do one extra exercise, when you think you just cant.