Monday, January 20, 2014

Road trip exercise!

Three of my aunts decided to come down to Vegas to have some fun and workout in the sun! We are very excited to see them. One of my aunts mentioned the long drive is going to take away twelve hours of exercise. Soo I was inspired to give them a car workout. As silly as these exercises may seem, they have great benefit and a huge up from just sitting and slouching that entire time.

Repeat these every hour of your next road trip.

Number one rule: the driver cannot participate. Focus on tightening core and sitting with good posture the entire duration of the workouts. Shoot for the entire drive:).

1. Knee highs. Alternate lifting your  knees as high as you can. Do this 30 times each leg.

2. Take arms and push back into chair, holding for thirty seconds. Have arms bent at elbows.

3. With elbows bent like chicken wings, lift arms up to shoulder height and down again thirty times.

4. Thirty upward arm punches each arm.

5. Use opposite arm to resist moving arm as you try to pull it into body. Hold thirty seconds.

6. Use opposite arm to resist moving arm as you straighten your arm. Hold thirty seconds.

7. Tighten bum muscles and hold for thirty seconds.

8. Tighten abs and hold for thirty seconds.

Pit stops: repeat these every stop for gas and food.

1. Thirty squats lifting arms above head when legs straighten.

2. Twenty forward leg swings each leg.

3. Lunges around the car.

4. Thirty calf raises.

* Try to make healthy food choices and drink lots of water. You will feel much better at the end.

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