Monday, November 11, 2013

How To's of Bikram Yoga!

For all you yogis out there who do Ashtanga, Power, or even Jivamukti. For all you half-yogis who just do a few moves here an there with a few random classes. For all you non-yogis that have never done a yoga pose in your life. Have you done Bikram?

I went into a Groupon month pass somewhat unknowing and cocky. My thoughts were prideful in a way. I had done a lot of yoga and figured it would be similar to any normal yoga class, but  most likely boring since it is the same exact routine every time. I can now tell you after 1 month of regularly attending .....WRONG!!!

After my first 90 minutes stuck (yes it is a sin to leave the room) in 105 degree farhenheits of sweaty humidified air, I "did not like" AT ALL bikram yoga. I wasted my money and warned all friends and family, who I thought would maybe ever want to try it, to NEVER set foot in a room (or at least not sign up for more than 1 day).

If I was not a money saver I probably would never have set foot back. Or maybe it was the advice pamphlet handed out to first timers that made it sound very important to go the following day and as frequent as possible following that. Whatever the reason was, I took it as a challenge to conquer the art and get my money's worth.  There I was back in the same room the very next day (less than 24hrs).

There were ups and downs throughout the 4 weeks. First day down, second day up, third day down, etc.. I learned to never go to class thinking it would be an easy day. There is something about that heat that you will never know how your body will handle it that day and time.

After the first week, I started seeing benefits, and enjoying my extra workout of the day.  My core was stronger, pores cleaner, more flexibility, increased mood, easier to kick cravings of chocolate, and started drinking more water.

This last paragraph may put my fellow yogi partners in heart attacks (since they listened to my venting sessions for most of the month, while we were  holding dripping towels, clothes, and well just dripping pretty much everywhere you can imagine). I am going to MISS my month pass and am trying to figure out a way to fit this workout in my schedule and budget. YES, it is safe to say I am addicted to bikram yoga.

So after saying this. Here is my pre warning advice before taking a bikram class.

1. Take a huge towel plus your mat. Not a sweat towel, a beach towel. It will be dripping with your sweat after.
2. Take a huge cold water bottle. I would advice a Nalgene size or bigger.
3. Drink tons and tons and tons before (days, hours, after and before). You cannot drink too much in your daily life of doing bikram regularly.
4. Wear as little clothing as you want. No matter how self conscious you might be. If you choose sports bras and speedos, you will not be alone.
5. Give it one month. If you go once you will most likely hate it. *This might not apply if you enjoy feeling like your dying and in the burning red place beneath the earth that no one wants to go to(couldn't get myself to spit out the word, but you know what I mean).
6. Be aware you might get addicted to the workout and beware of the costs that lie ahead in your future addiction (good thing to put $ towards don't get me wrong).
7. This style of yoga is a group class, you will be pressured to do the exact pose, do the exact timing etc.
8. This style of yoga seems to enjoy seeing people in pain. I wish I had counted how many times I heard "pain or hurt", maybe I will next time.
9. Once you are in the floor series it is not easy(as many would like to think). Be prepared to be hugging a furnace and maybe pass out continuing the hard workout.
10. Some of the poses may seem easy if you look them up before hand, but jut imagine trying to grip with gallons of water caked over your body. Pretty slippery to say the least ...but "do not lose the grip".
11. You do not chant, except for "Mommy give me money".
12. You will look like you jumped in a pool and walked out without drying off (and your towel went in the pool with you).
13. It may or may not stink in the room.
14. You should be careful to not bump into anyone after class. Both of you will get "slimed".
15. If you are pregnant I would strongly advice to NOT try Bikram till 6 months after you have your cute lil one.
16. DO NOT, I repeat, do not re use any workout clothes or items that were in the Bikram room with you.. and wash them ASAP.
17. You will see improved strength and flexibility.
18. You will still have the "favorite" teachers and the less favorable even with the monotonous routine.

All in all, Bikram turned into many fun girls nights for our clan, even when the workouts were killing us.  It might do the same for you; but one things for sure, you will be stronger, more flexible, and a lot more sweaty :).


  1. loved this! always been curious about bikram.

  2. Thanks Aimee! It was a big surprise to me!