Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spotlight #4: How to be exercising at age 67! Seriously this lady is inspiration to all!

Yes, I am lucky enough to call this lady my grandma.  She is the one who probably inspired running into my life in 6th grade.  I owe her much for that, running changes you as a person.  She brightens any room with her presence.  You can call yourself lucky if you ever get to race with her, or even go on a run with her.  I know every run opportunity I have had with her has been amazing.  I have even gone down for school breaks and stayed with her and had a running weekend.  A lot of people I talk to say how they want to be moving as a grandma.  Well, this lady is accomplishing that.  She is the grandma starting water fights, and chasing the basketball down the court.  Not to mention getting those marathons in as well.  BE INSPIRED BY HER STORY!

Tell us a little about yourself?  

-I am a 67 year old married female.  I love to run and play all the time.  I love children and love interacting with them.  I particularly love my grandchildren and Ruby Gene my great-granddaughter (that is my daughter :) :)).  I am retired from the Park City School District, but work part-time in the school Kinder Connection and Camp Hawk after school program.  I love my job and can't wait to get to work each day. 

How long have you been running?   

-I have been running for 17 years.  However, I have always been physically active. I enjoy all sports.  I particularly love to shoot hoops,  play flies up, soccer and a myriad of other activities that are enjoyed by children and adults alike

What are your favorite runs?  

-I love running with my husband and my children and grandchildren.  I love to run all over the Park City trails.  I don't do mountain trails, because I am nervous about tripping and falling on tree roots and rocks.  I do love to walk up the mountain trails.  

-I think my favorite runs have been the Boston Marathon, Seattle Marathon and of course the St. George Marathon.  

-However, my very favorite distance  are  half marathons.   Half marathons are much easier to train for and can be much less stressful, if you are very competitive.  I also think half marathons are much kinder to the over-all wellness of of my body.but  I think training for a marathon builds you up, but the actual marathon can be hard on the body, great for the ego. My favorite half marathons were the Tel Aviv half and Logan Canyon Half.  I also used to love the Moab half and Provo half, but haven't done these two run for many years.
What keeps you motivated? 

-Signing up and paying  for the  races makes me more motivated to train and run on a regular basis.  Although, I love to run and probably would run anyway.  Also, my husband, Gene, keeps me going and sets goals for us which makes it really fun and keeps motivated.  I feel so blessed to have him and. of course, my granddaughters' dog, Molly, to run with on a regular basis.  They and the great out doors make me very happy.

How have you been able to run this long?  

-To begin with, I think I was very blessed with physically active family and friends and Molly, the dog and family have made it fun to run.  Also, the need to keep my cholesterol at a manageable level and to maintain a healthy life style, has made it necessary for me to exercise regularly.

What is your biggest tip for marathon racing?  

-Set a goal to  finish and then go out and have fun. 

What are your favorite healthy foods to eat? 

-Chocolate, fruits, vegetables and chicken and fish.  I don't eat much beef.
What else can you share about running and exercising and staying fit?  

-Find an activity that best suits your body type, figure out a reasonable  program and "Just Do It".  More importantly, enjoy what you do to stay fit. There are so many great physical activities to participate in, so do a exercise sampler and determine what you love to do. 
Any other fun facts and tips to help others get moving and stay motivated?   

-Enjoy the activities you do and do it with someone that motivates you.  Usually a family, member, pet or friend is a great choice to keep you motivated.  Choose someone that wants to succeed in getting and staying fit, and is invested in you and your level of fitness.  Family support is very important. 
What are your favorite races?  

-I love marathons, and half marathons.  However, I have to say that I love 5 and 10 k's just for fun.  As I get older, I think more and more that I should lower my race mileage, but then I sign up for another marathon.  Go figure.  Signing up and paying for a race tends to make a runner a little more motivated.  It doesn't have to be a marathon, just sign up and find an appropriate training schedule for the distance you intend to race.  There are a many books with great advise  to run a marathon and other races.  Also, you can go on line and get a training schedule.  Well, if you can afford it, a trainer would be awesome.
Tips for getting started into running?  

-Set a reasonable goal at the beginning of each training run and and try to accomplish that goal.  Even if it takes several outings to make your goal, just stick with it until you reach your desired distance.  Then the next run, increase a the distance just a little farther and then stick with that distance until you conquer it then on and on and on to your desired distance.  Don't start to fast or to far.   More importantly go out and just have fun and think how fun and healthy it will to be fit.  You don't have to be a racer to run and to be a good runner and enjoy the accomplish of working up a good sweat.  Enjoy your surrounds and be thankful for the opportunity you have to live in a world as beautiful as ours.


  1. Yay! Shout out to my grandma! Way to go. You are an inspiration

  2. she didn't mention that for a year she ran with a broken neck. wow!!!