Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spotlight #2: mama of 5 including a 7 month old and still gets her workouts in!!!

Holly impressed me from day one of meeting her!  She is a genuinely nice and fun person to be around.  She  is an amazing mom of 5 beautiful kids plus a wife!  She is addicted to working out!  I can testify that she not only is in awesome shape, but also makes the most delicious treats ever!  Read on to hear her tips on how to work out with newborns and all those kiddos!  PLUS how to actually LOVE exercising! Thanks Holly!

What is your weekly workout schedule like?

--Right now I just run and crossfit. Before Macy was born, I would run, bike and swim. I go to crossfit usually 3-4 times a week. I run long on Mondays and the other days I either just run, or run to crossfit and home afterwards. Its 3 miles from my house. I do track workouts on Thursdays.

What is your favorite workout? 

I love to do track workout! One of my favorites is repeat 800's

What do you do when you need a quick workout? 

--Tempo run. I run however far I can in the time I have.

What benefits do you see from working out?

--I have more energy, I get to spend time with my buddies, I get to eat what I want for the most part, racing is a bonus if I have time.

How does it affect your family life? 

--I am a better, happier Mom when I workout! I workout early. Usually out the door between 5-5:30 and home before kids get up.

What healthy eating habits do you follow?

--I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and protein. I have celiac disease, so I don't eat anything with gluten which makes it hard sometimes. I don't eat any junk food during the week.

What do you do to stay motivated? 

--I don't really have a problem staying motivated. I love to get up and get out the door! Its my ME time.

What do you do on recovery days? 

--I just run. Nothing fast or hard. No crossfit.

What exercise do you see the most benefits from? 

--If I just want to lose weight, I run. If I want to tone up, I lift and run. I think weight lifting is key to getting in great shape.

Tips on how to keep movin :) ?

--Just get in a routine and remember how good it feels after the workout is over. For me, I hate not working out. I would rather be tired from working out, than sluggish from doing nothing.

What is one of your fitness/exercise goals? 

--I want to complete a full ironman someday. I feel like the biggest thing holding me back now is I don't want to miss out on my kiddos at home. I think when they are all in school, I will do an ironman.

What do you do for winter workouts? 

--I will go outside almost no matter what to run. I know what to wear depending on the temperature. I hate treadmills!!! Luckily I have crazy friends who will be outside waiting for me!

--I have a 7 month old baby who is still breastfed. I notice that I have to eat a lot to keep up with the demands from nursing a  baby and working out. I love that though! :-)

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