Monday, October 7, 2013

how to train for marathon, post baby finale

Well this article is not going to happen exactly how I thought it would.  My marathon post baby went differently than expected.  Before I return the results, here is my quick list of marathon tips!

1. Get a amazing support group, whether family helping you get out on runs and cheering you on or awesome running partners..anyone it does not matter who, but it matters you have someone!

2. Nutrition is key while breast-feeding and exercise.  Make sure to hydrate well and intake enough calories to get you through those long runs!  You might notice needing more fuel and hydration during your runs while breast-feeding.

3. Be prepared for the unexpected.  Have a back up plan when you have a sleepless night and just cannot get out of bed in the morning before the crack of dawn. Be prepared for sickness to hit your family and ruin a couple planned runs.

4. Listen to your body.  Make sure to listen to your body.. NOT your training schedule.  If you feel you need a break that day, move your rest day and change up the weekly schedule a bit. If you cannot get 40 miles that week, get 35 instead.  In the big scheme of things it won't matter that much.

5. Make sure to strengthen those post baby week areas.. hips and core!!!!

Now that the list is done, here are the results of our marathon.  Sadly the flu hit my poor baby Wednesday night before the Saturday marathon.  She had sleepless nights two to three weeks before the marathon, than extra sleepless Wednesday on.  We spent a couple nights in the ER since she could not keep down anything.  I spent my rest days scrubbing the house from floor to ceiling.  Instead of carb-loading I was missing meals and drinking under the minimum recommendations.  By Friday night all I could eat for dinnner (due to an upset stomach that hit) was chicken noodle soup.  Instead of getting to the marathon location early and getting a good nights rest, I had to rush my daughter to the doctors one last time and put her to bed..getting me to my destination at 11pm and in bed after 12pm with a 4am wakeup.  I kept my hopes high and was still shooting for an awesome race in the morning.  I felt pretty good for an hour.  By mile 17 we had gotten on the bus of shame (grandma and aunt ran with me...yes my grandmas 16th marathon..she is awesome!).  Running a marathon with the flu, not the best situation, but we made the best of it.

We did not expect the unexpected, but next time we will!  Next marathon we will take down with flying colors.  I will be packing a can of chicken noodle soup to store in my water bottle just in case :).

We are wishing the rest of you marathoners post baby race to go much better than our race day.  But, if you end up having unexpectedness hit your life.  Remember that next time will be better, make good memories still, and most of all you still accomplished amazing things.  You conquered the hardest part, the long months of high mileage training and many long runs!  You are now in tip-top shape and it shows!

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