Friday, September 13, 2013

Moody, tired, and sick?? This probably means you are in your first trimester! How to improve your symptoms!

First trimester of pregnancy can be rough for some people.  Fatigue sets in making it hard to have energy to do much, not to mention being awake after 8 pm is a "late" night.  Mood swings are usually going around like crazy.  You might be a little down, tears coming uncontrollably, and a little more on edge. Nausea, yes it also is pretty strong in the first trimester.  Running for the toilet might be the only thing on your mind all day long.  Not to mention, no one really knows your pregnant yet, so you must act "normal".

I have some helpful tips that will lessen these symptoms at least to some small degree so you can act more normal and get through your daily life requirements!

EXERCISE!  This sounds like the exact opposite of what I would mention right?!?!  Believe it or not exercise will boost your mood, give you more energy, and can help with the nausea as well.  

The key is to go out and do something.  It will probably not be up to par to your pre-pregnancy workouts, and it shouldn't be.  This is not the time to start high intensity training. Make it a goal to just get out and moving!  If it seems impossible that day, at least park in the farthest parking stalls away from the grocery store :).

Here are some low key cardio workouts that you can adjust to your level easily!

WALK:  if it is nice outside, just go for a stroll, make sure to have a water bottle in hand.  Try to go out for 20-30 minutes, depending on how much you exercised before pregnancy.

Treadmill program:  If it is not nice outside, get to a treadmill.  Walking programs can be great with some incline added on that machine.  Here is a example of one to do.  Adjust as needed (the fitness level you were at before pregnancy will alter the program, email me at for specific advice).

1-5                        1%             pick a comfortable speed throughout the entire program
5-10                       3%
10-15                     5%      
15-20                     3%
20-25                     1%
*if this is too easy, you can bump up the inclines and increase the workout to 30 minutes instead of 25.

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