Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to train for a marathon post baby..sneak peak!

I am sorry to say I did not get a cute picture of us after the eventful morning or should I say sweaty.  But, that cute man there, this post is about him!  I am currently doing a how to train for a marathon post baby article (since I am doing it)!!! Here is number one on the list (spoiler alert)........

1. Get an awesome support group ready!!!

My husband is that "support group".  He took four precious hours out of his study time(all he does is study, even Friday nights) to bike along side of me at 5 am for 4 hours on my 20 mile run (please do not calculate the mph ... it was VERY hilly;)! Not to mention our dearest daughter did NOT sleep at all the night before (of course).  He carried tons of water and such on his back, slowly moved on his bike next to me the entire time.  Seriously could not have completed it without him.  There were a few surprise GIANT hills and he got me over them (not on the back of the bike either).

But, all you women looking to do a marathon post baby... start finding some great friends to cheer you on!  Find some awesome and fun running partners that can wake up at the crack of dawn with you and enjoy the nice clean air!  It will make the WORLD of difference.

Get ready for the "real" list ladies.. and gents.

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