Sunday, August 11, 2013

What to do for workouts when you can't see your toes!

IS THIS VIEW IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU??? Than you must be in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy!!!

Pregnant enough that you are getting a little bit achy everywhere all the time, exhausted, and all around just don't feel good?  Well, let me tell you, I have a workout for you that will still keep you moving in that third trimester of pregnancy when you can't even see your toes!  That is right, working out in your 3rd trimester can be very beneficial for you and that little baby!

Believe it or not, exercising throughout pregnancy is great for you and your baby!  Third trimester may make it pretty difficult to get out and get moving because of all the uncomfortableness. 

Aquatic workouts is your thing, if this is you.  So here are a few things you can make a goal to do in the pool multiple times a week!

*Walking, just walk up and down the pool.  You will be surprised how much resistance that water can give you. 

*High knees, lifting up your knees one leg at a time (while they are at a 90 degree angle), try to do each leg 30 times, or continually do for 3 minutes. 

*Butt kickers, bring your foot towards your buttocks, one leg at a time, try do do each leg 30 times, or continually do for 3 minutes. 

*Bicep curls, start your hands under water and pull them up to the surface with your elbows in your side.  Do 30 times each arm or continually for 3 minutes. 

*Side arms, face your palms together and move your arms away from each other and back in, do 30 times each arm or continually for 3 minutes. 

*Side steps, side step across the pool, do 30 steps each direction or continually for 3 minutes. 

*Calf raises, rise up on your "tippy toes" and back down again, do 30 times or continually for 3 minutes. 

*Aquatic jog, if you have a floatation device, put it on and go to the deepest part of the pool.  While your feet are not touching (since you are floating), jog moving your arms and legs as if you were jogging on land.  Do for 10 minutes and increase as you get more fit. 

Try it out!  You may be surprised at how much better you feel. Your fitness will be improved, pregnancy discomfort will be lessened, your body image will be enhanced, and you will want to be all over healthier! 

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