Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In hospital bed workout.. is it okay?!?!?

Does this look familiar?  Sitting in the hospital beds with a beautiful baby on your lap? Maybe your sitting in the hospital bed for a more un-fun reason?  Well... no need to wait till you get home to get a workout in!  You can do small easy exercises while you are still in the hospital.  Surprisingly, it will help you feel better and recover more quickly!!

1. Leg lifts: while you are lying in bed slowly push your knee into the bed and lift up your leg.  You can do 20 per leg.  Make sure you do them slowly, two counts up and two counts down.

2. Heel scoots: as you are lying in bed with your legs straight, dig your heel in the bed and slowly pull back towards your bum.  Repeat 20 times on each leg.

3. Arm curls: keep your elbows in your side and pull your hands up towards your body (like a bicep curl without weight).

4. Ankle pumps: move your ankles down and up 20 times each leg.

5. Ankle ABC's: spell out the ABC's with each ankle.

6. Arm lifts: put your arms straight out in front of you and lift till above head, lower.  Repeat 20 times.

7. Hip lifts: lay completely straight on bed, bed knees into a 90 degree angle with feet on the bed.  Lift hips up slowly and lower 20 times.  Remember to do two counts up and two counts down (up 1-2, down 1-2)

8. Walks around the hospital floor are usually encouraged.  It may seem difficult to get up and out of bed, but you will be amazed at how much better you feel after a walk around the floor.

Try these basic exercises out after your next baby!!! Let me know if you feel you recover more quickly!

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