Monday, July 22, 2013

How to get your kids on the move!

I decided to list five ideas to get your kids moving this summer and away from that big screen.  Getting some fresh air and exercise always helps those kids be less fussy and more HAPPY!

1. Get out and play with them.  Offer to go play catch, hit balls, kick the soccer ball, play hopscotch, play four square, ext.  If parents are always sitting inside, kids will most likely follow.  Being out there with your children will help them realize how much fun and it will provide bonding time with your kids.  It might even help them realize that it is fun and they will go out with their friends the next time.

2. Start a summer log for your kids.  Track their sports and activities.  You can show them how they improved in speed, accuracy, or fun.  They will love seeing how good they are, it will help boost their confidence and get them wanting to get outside and play even more.

3. Host a family "game" night.  Do some sort of tournament for the family to compete in.  Have fun prizes for each place (even last).  Ping-pong, PIG, running a certain distance, golfing, and even floating in water time.  There are millions of themes you could do that would get your entire family moving and also add fun!

4. Compliment your kids when you see them going outside and moving.  Tell them how fast they looked, or how their kick is getting better, or comment on how it looked like a lot of fun to be outside.

5. Be an example!  If your kids see you getting your own exercise and workouts outside, it will most likely inspire them to get out as well! Even if you are just outside gardening, or mowing the lawn!

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