Monday, July 22, 2013

Who am I?

Hello! I am Melissa, an exercise nut! I have a husband who is going to be a physical therapist in three years and a 1 year old baby girl who is our world.  I love running and I have finished 1 marathon.  I also LOVE lifting, yoga, Zumba, and almost any workout out there. 

To begin.  The benefits of exercise can go on and on no matter who you are or what special condition you may or may not have.  Exercising can reduce symptoms of diseases and eliminate some diseases all together.  I LIVE to help anyone I can and LOVE exercising and reap the benefits of it.

I have worked in physical therapy for over five years.  I know how to help avoid, work through, and break from exercise with injuries.  I also was a graduate assistant for two years at Utah State University, teaching Kinesiology (how the body moves), exercise physiology (how the body works with exercise), and fitness assessment (how to make exercise programs).  I graduated with my Bachelors of Science degree in exercise science, at Utah State University, and my Masters of Science in corporate wellness at Utah State University.  I did two internships; one at the Huntsman Cancer Institute designing exercise programs for clients with or who had overcome cancer, and at Intermountain Medical Center in cardiac rehab with clients who had heart or lung problems.  I have also been studying for the Registered Certified Exercise Physiologist certification by ACSM, which certifies you to do exercise with ALL populations imaginable. 

I myself have a 1 year old baby, and have gone through pregnancy, breast-feeding, and everything else that comes with kids and exercising the entire time (I know the tricks).  I have worked with many family members and friends (they have ranged from high school athletes to people with diabetes) designing exercise programs to fit every individuals needs.  As you can see from my background, I have experience with many special populations.  

ENJOY! Please comment on new topics you would like to learn about, or need help in!  I am here to help in any way I can. 

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